Yacht Protection - Sensor Fusion

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Yacht Security / Locator

ü Mooring lines get broken > SMS alert to mobile of GPS or heading change
ü Bad weather > Over pre-set turbulence limit : SMS alert to mobile phone
ü External battery goes flat or power cut > SMS alert to mobile phone
ü Unit getting hot, possible fire > SMS alert to mobile phone

ü External circuit (eg alarm system) not working > SMS alert to mobile phone
ü Someone on the Yacht has a problem > Emergency button : SMS Alert
ü Request Yacht Health check > Full status SMS info sent back to mobile phone

Additional Information

= Small Size 7 cm x 8 cm unit
= Low power modes for long useage time

= iPhone App showing yacht status / Alert reporting
= PC tool for programming / checking operation and f/w upgrade (USB)

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Location + Motion + Communication

GPS location / Attitude and Turbulence sensors
Temperature / Power cut sensors
Scheduled status / Auto Alerts sent via GSM
Safety and peace of mind

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