Modular Design - Sensor Fusion

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Fusion of Core Sensor Data

ü 3 Axis Gyro
ü 3 Axis Accelerometer
ü 3 Axis Magnetometer
ü 1 Axis Barometer
ü 1 Axis Temperature
ü 1 Axis Light Sensor
ü 5 Axis GPS (Lat, Long, Elev., Speed, Time)
ü GSM mobile connectivity (SMS / GPRS / Voice)
ü USB for software upgrade / PC tool
ü Mini SD Card / Data logging
ü UART communications for remote programming


Vehicle / fleet tracking and monitoring
= Yacht and boat security (bad weather / GPS alerts)

= Aircraft / UAS attitude / flight data / black box recorder
= Flood / Temperature / Power cut alerts for industrial facilities
= Track / Monitor critical PC equipment and data
= Track any Mobile Asset

> Example Products. þ XGuard ......Xflight
> See Our Commercial RC products
Our Services:

4 Very fast solutions based on our core Firmware and PC software (Building Block approach for each specific application)
4 Our own hardware module design for fast prototypes, testing, products and / or full custom hardware design
4 Website / Ground station / Smart Phone integration services / User Manual documentation
4 Let us arrange low cost high quality large or small volume manufacture and supply

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