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Press Releases

.April 2014 BL-Crypto Simple Strong Encryption system
.April 2013 BL-3G V3.0 firmware and PC software free upgrade
.January 2013 BL-3G Australia Supply Announcement
.September 2012 BL-3GRC and BL-3GMod V2.0 upgrade Announcement
.September 2012 BL-3G US Supply Announcement
.September 2012 BL-3G UK Supply Announcement
..June 2012 BL-3G Mass Production Announcement
In the Press
.- Airborne Magazine (Australia) : BL-3GRC review (2013)
.- RCtestflight (US) : BL-3GRC review (2013, v3.0 on fixed wing airplane)
.- Modelflyermagazine (UK) : BL-3GRC review (2013, review prior to v3.0 software)

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