BL-3GRC Ultra Stable Gyro /
Controller for RC Aircraft


  .Catagories     Must have Gyro / Stabilizer for RC fixed wing and multi-copter aircraft, gas or electric, jet. Gives ultra cool stability for fun flying / aerial photography. Packed with features for both advanced and novice pilots.  
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Most advanced stabilization for aircraft and multi-copter on the market today. Ideal for FPV / aerial photography or just fun flying.Right out of the box use or unprecedented set up options s (12 tab pages - click here). The most advanced solution on the market today!

Can work right out of the box, or be configured to exact user needs. Spin recovery (crash avoidance) and easy take off features, makes it ideal for beginners too. The BL-3G is highly programmable, with easy to use software to cover just about all foreseeable gyro application requirements.

It is the ideal low cost gyro for the beginner and advanced flyer alike

- Fixed wing, V-tail, Delta wing, multi-copter (Oct, Hex, Quad, Tri, Bi)
- Flaps and flaperons (2 stage with programmable timing) 
- Two outputs per control surface (can modify ranges for dual servos mounted in different locations)
- Pass thru mode allows all input to go to all outputs (+ gyro function)
- High gain take off and spin recovery modes
- Multiple input switch support for real time functionality (gain change, rate change, on/off, curves etc) 
- Mounting options for up-side down
- Automatic gain control programmable on any of the 3 axes 
- Trim save options, set up save options to PC, input RC radio matching and servo / ESC exact control
- Throttle input / output option (incl. safety lock option)
- 3 gyro lock options and a nice tight / smooth turns feature, to aid novice flying / rudder control 
- In-built USB for advanced set up, or right out of the box operation
- Comes with Quick Start Guide and 128 page advanced user guide + accessory kit as in picture

Specification (electrical spec here, functional spec here)

- Dimensions: 42 x 38 x 18 mm
- Weight: 19 g
- Axis: 3
x 7 RC transmitter inputs (Pitch, roll, yaw + 4 real time switches)
x 6 RC aircraft outputs (Aircraft servos / ESC motor speed)
x 3 pots for gain adjustments / Gyro invert option
- Applications: RC airplane (gas/electric and multi-copter)
- Output rate to 500Hz for fast multi-copter and very fast aircraft

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Stabilize your flying, stabilize your FPV video!

Free downloads:

Quick Start Guide :
Advanced User
Manual :
Complete software :
 (WindowsXP, Vista, 7 and 8)
Gyro firmware and
PC set-up software

Flyer / testimonials:        

Youtube: "Turned BL-3GRC down to 30% and no buffering/flutter.Flew great"

forum: I must say, the model is almost transformed. I cant get over how much smoother it flies. On landing it is mesmerizing, I have to watch the throttle setting so I don't tip stall it, all of the warnings you get when flying too slow are gone. Smooth right to the stall. Just brilliant.

email: "I have 2 students learning how to fly RC. They both flew for about 15 minutes Saturday. And they flew without crashing because of flight stabilization, no question about that. Stabilizing just reduces the student workload by a large factor. And when they have success, they have fun. They learn quickly when the mind is open. Good job and well done indeed" Bud Layne, KY USA - March 2013.

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