Our classification gives some indication as to the brightness level:

cd : Candela (A common candle is roughly 1 candela)
lm : Lumen (A metal halide lamp, ie conventional indicator / break lights of cars is around 100 / 200 lm)
W : Watt (Electrical power level. 1W = 0.3A at 3.3V)

1) Our BL-NavLV-N module has outputs around the 11 cd region. There are very bright but limited viewing angle (red and green 30 degrees, white 15 degrees, however they ship with x8 small plastic Fresnel lenses included to increase these angles if required). Visibility should be to at least 300 + feet at night time, and within normal RC airfield range in day time.

2) Also available is the BL-NavLV-S which drives what we call the super bright LEDs (1 to 1.5 watt with around 100 lumens). These lights are as used on professional type UAV's that can be seen from 100's of feet away in daylight and up to 1km at night time. Viewing angles > 100 degrees.

Note that the BL-NavLV-N product takes small power to operate, e.g. a 2200 mAh battery would last close to 24 hours if not doing anything else. The BL-NavLV-S super bright (1W+) ones will take around 1.6A hence a 3200 mAh battery will last around 1.5 hours.