Be ultra cool, be ultra safe

... with the BL-SmartSW Isolation Solution




The BL-Smart70SW is a State of the Art High Current switch designed to isolate the battery from the aircraft electronics. Two versions are availble. They are the same except for the heat dissipation performance. The BL-Smart70SW can operate up to 70A continuous current (140A pulses for 5 or so seconds, up to 200A for a second or so) without getting too hot. The BL-Smart100SW to 100A continuous and comes with Heat Sink.. Heat limit is human touch temperature of about 65C.

The BL-SmartSW switches have a toggle switch button for on / off. An auto cut-out, i.e. a wire which if pulled out will turn the switch off. And an electronic input which can switch on / off at a very fast rate for external electronics.

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