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  BL-NavLV-S (Go here for BL-NavLV-N)

The BL-NavLV-S is a Super bright Navigation and Landing lights system with many additional features. It will monitor any LiPo battery connected and issue a special LED flashing / warning sequence if the voltage level goes too low. Can also be set up into a time-out mode and give a warning after a pre-set amount of flying time. A BEC output is also provided in case of main LiPo failure, or to connect other LEDs. A secondary battery can be connected as back up. An RC Rx input is provided for switching the lights (including putting the alarm sequence flashing into Snooze Mode) and also an RC Rx output in case you need to trigger an external equipment for example a parachute in case of low battery level. Set up couldn't be easier with on-board switches. A PC software is also available to monitor the BL-NavLV status and for setting more advanced features. Very accurate, High quality and packed with features. An amazing and novel product at a great price..

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