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... with the ICE-MAN Gyro




The BL-3G gyro is an ultra stable 3 axis flight stabilization system. It offers excellent quality and performance at a low price. Utilizing the L3GD20 from STMicroelectronics and an ARM based processor it offers users an unprecedented level of fine tuning / programming to meet the needs of professional and hobbyist users alike. Ideal for any number of UAV, conventional aircraft, or robotics projects, as well as enabling the very best performance for competition airplane and other RC recreational flying.

Please download the RC aircraft version User Manual to get a better idea of all the programmable parameters and examples of use.

User Manual :
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Key Features


- 3 axis flight stabilization
- For electric AND gas engines

- Fixed wing, Hex, Quad, Bi copter (up to 500Hz operation)
- Quick Start aircraft type select

- 7 inputs / 6 outputs
- 6 pitch / roll / yaw in and 6 out pass thru mode
- 3 pitch / roll yaw in and 4 programmable inputs
- Anti-crash / spin mode
- Straight take-off mode
- Auto gain control or many real time adjusts
- Gyro function invert with POTs or PC tool
- Flying wing, V-Tail mix options
- Flaps /Flaperons with programmable stage time
- Aileron Differential mode (incl. for flying wing)
- Dual servo range adjust for pitch, roll yaw servos
- Any PWM output programmable
- Auto match RC radio input
- Trim saving to gyro
- Curve options incl. 11 pt. use defined
- Gyro rate or un-commanded mode options
- Many more programmable features ...

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