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The company was set up in 2006 by our British CEO Mr. Mark Massel (BSc hons, CPhys, MInstP), a physicist / engineer who comes from a strong electronics design background. First with high speed imaging, then many years at British Aerospace Space Systems Ltd. (now EADS Astrium), as a satellite systems design engineer. He has also been hardware applications group manager at STMicroelectronics in the UK before moving to Asia. Just prior to setting up Bluelight Technologies he's been designing digital television and consumer products. (DVB-T modules and STBs). Holding a PPL he also flies real airplanes.

Our lead engineer is a Thai national with university teaching experience. He has been with Bluelight six years and involved with UAV systems and sensor design as well as digital TV and imaging projects. An all round excellent design, schematics, layout and firmeware engineer.

Our team of dedicated staff will by more than happy to assist you with any enquiries, from product support, through to logistics and sales.

Our Company Purpose ...

Bluelight Technologies is dedicated to bringing highly integrated technologically advanced sensor and control products into the RC and related emerging market places. We have two main areas of interest:

1) RC flying is certainly an art, and now also spawning new businesses. We bring both physics and technology to bear with software and electronics as our means of delivery.

High levels of interactivity allows the RC pilot to see exactly what our technology is doing and allows him / her to fine tune it to their exact needs. Together, the RC pilot and the technology complete the dance that starts with the physics and ends with the fulfilled and rewarding joy of flying.

2) Related to the RC market are developers in the robotics and industrial electronics areas as well as entrepreneurs looking at a diverse range of applications. Aerial Photography, multi-copter surveillance / inspection, teaching, just to name a few. Our module solutions with high levels of interactivity allows the specialst systems developer to see exactly what our technology is doing and allows him / her to fine tune it to their exact needs. Together, the developer and the technology enable a whole set of diverse and technologically rich new products to come to market or be used as teaching aids. Again this starts with the physics and ends by realizing the developer's dream of a fully functional end system.

... and all this at a very reasonable price


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