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    Featured product: ICE-MAN gyro - Flight Stabilization System for RC fixed wing and multi-copters
V3.4 PC s/w and gyro f/w available NOW - packed full of features!
3 Axis Gyro Stabilizer
Nav / Low Bat lights
LiPo bunkers
Extreme Bright 40W Lights
$29.00 | View $87.55 | View $122.35 | View $TBD | View $99 | View
Lot of other LED Lights High Current Isolation Switch
--- | View $39.95 | View

With British (ex space industry) and Thai design, coupled with manufacture in Taiwan, we bring professional class products to the RC hobby, educational and industrial markets at unbeatable consumer prices.

Our solutions are small size / weight, low power and feature very high levels of integration and functionality. Mini USB is build-in for professional levels of set up and monitoring via a PC. All products are also factory set with standard configurations for plug and play - or right out of the box use.

Here at Bluelight we feel there's a flight to quality move going on. Slowly but surely consumers are moving away from the low cost, low quality products flooding the market, and are instead starting to ask for good quality - but at reasonable prices. If you're one of those people then you've come to the right place. Learn more about our company purpose.

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